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Just a bit of history, my system, takSoftware, is located in a data center in Dallas Texas, on a VPS. So, typically, I write programs that I can use and of a benefit to me. That is where takMobileManager grew from.

takMobileManager began as MobileMessage. A web based message reader written in wcBASIC and utilizing jQuery and jQuery Mobile to design a mobile interface that made sense. The stock WINServer frames mode, or even non frames mode just didn't lend well to reading and replying to message on a smaller device like a smart phone.

When I wrote a user manager for mobile I decided to make a suite of applications that can benefit a WINServer sysop. takMobileManager was born.

Today, takMobileManager is a message reader, user manager, log file reader, and just added is a file manager, which is still in development, but rather than make everyone wait, it is included but has limited functionality.

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I'm sure you would like to see some screenshots of the program, so I have setup a gallery. These are all taken with my iPhone XS Max, I havent gotten around do grabbing screen shots from an Android phone yet, or the iPad and Android tablets.

I have set the price extremly low, $16.05, to purchase takMobileManager. I have hundreds of hours in the development of the suite of apps. I thank you in advance for your purchase and your support!

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