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This is my BBS story

Hello, I am Thomas Kloos. Formerly creating software under the name wsSoftware, now under takSoftware. I began writing apps for WINServer in 1996, the first being wsVerify.

The whole reason I wrote wsVerify, was becasue I couldn't get a program called Teleifier working correctly. Teleifier was a telnet verifier that used email to verify users. A Call Back Verifier for Telnet. After talking to a friend about it, he convinced me to try programming myself. I had done some programming on the Commodore 64, and the TRS-80 Color Computer II, so I figured why not!

I released wsVerify for $7 in 1996 and off we went. I made $245 that first year. My second program was wsSysop, a sysop utilites program that you could run a WCX, view *.BBS files, or turn on/off the sysop pager.

My second and third year combined, I made about $2000 and made a lot of new friends. I went on to write about 20 other programs, many web based programs. Some popular, some, well not so much. Oh, I forgot to mention, I went on to buy out the company that created Teleifier. Talk about squashing your competition! wsVerify still works and is in use on many systems. You can get a free key for it. Just login and go to the free key generator.

That was then, this is now...

Since the fall of the BBS back in the late 90's and early 2000's, many systems shut down for good. Even though WINServer embraced the internet, with html, email, and ftp, sysOps couldn't compete with the Internet.

Today, in 2021, the BBS seems to be making a comeback, and that's good news! Fidonet is still a viable network with lots of activity, New networks are popping up all over! I even co-created WINSnet, a network for Wildcat/WINServer sysops, as well as a webring! You remember those?


What happened to wsSoftware? In 2010, I tried to quit the sysOp business and sold my 98 node WINServer system in 2019. As you know, being a sysOp gets in your blood, so I purchased another version of WINServer from SSI. This time it was version 7. And so the programming began under takSoftware. wsSoftware.com was taken after I let the domain go, so a rename was needed. The tak part are my initials. So it only seemed fitting.

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