takMobileManager- Web based management suite for mobile devices. $15.76 USD
The suite includes a Message Reader, User Manager, File Manager and Log File Reader!
Click the image to the left for a gallery of screenshots on an iOS device.

takMobileManager is a web based suite of programs made for the sysOp on the go. All programs in the suite are 100% mobile ready, written in jQuery, jQuery Mobile, and html5. It currently includes 5 different programs, or apps, for a more current term. More apps may come in the future.

Currently being worked on is a Who Called today app, allowing you to see your daily connections.

These programs are considered "In Development", or beta, which means some features may or may not work as expected. As always, updates are FREE. Your purchased key will work for all future versions.

Before purchasing, please create a free account, then go to the Free Key Generator, and add your system info so I can create your key after you purchase it. Thank You!

This system has blocked 7165 malicious IP Addresses with takIPManager!